Give Blood NJ

Try to make sure that we can bring the people in need the gift of life.

Welcome to the Community Blood Council of NJ

We are a community who are striving to make sure that people have access to blood in times of emergency. We make sure that we can help these people by providing them with the blood at the right time.

One Donation Has the Ability to Save Three Lives !

Donating Blood Is Safe

Donating blood is safe for you as a donor as you do experience any harmful side effects. Blood is also extremely beneficial to help the patient, and with the right practice does have the capability to save lives.

  • Reduce harmful iron stores
  • Preserve cardiovascular health
  • Reduce the risk cancer
  • Burn calories
  • Free blood analysis
  • Gives you a sense of pride
Give Love

A small amount of support from you can make a huge difference.

Give Life

Try to make sure that you understand that your donation can save a life.

Give Blood

One simple thing which your body makes can help save another life.

A drop of blood can save a life!

Basic Requirements

There are many requirements a donor has to reach to ensure that the blood is worth the efforts and in need.


We want to make sure that we take blood from young adults as it is much easier for the lost blood to recover without complications.


As obese people can have underlying conditions, it can be harmful to the patient as well as donors to donate.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure allows us to understand the working of your blood and the effectivity of your blood in someone else’s body.

Donation Frequency

A person can donate blood every three months, and it is up to use to keep track of your blood donations for your safety.


If you are someone who regularly consumes mediations for various reasons, blood donation can be harmful.

Blood Count

The cells and platelet counts can help save many people who are in need of the blood, and your blood is not just limited to one person.

Donation Story

Give Blood NJ is one of the wholesome blood donation centres. They are always looking out for you are trying to make sure that you can provide blood as possible. This ensures donor safety above all others.

Stephanie D. Barnes


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Blood is the gift of life, so we want to make donating blood as easy as possible. We’re available for walk-ins or appointments Monday through Saturday.

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